Raumlabor berlin/ officina roma /Completely built of trash.

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The OFFICINA ROMA is a villa entirely build out of trash. It consist of a sleeping room, a kitchen and a work shop. The plan lacks a living room, a comfort zone, instead there is an empty work shop in the center. OFFICINA ROMA is an experimental building practice, build within an one week long workshop with 24 high school students from all over Italy.
The building is composed as a collage: A kitchen entirely build out of old bottles, the sleeping room with walls from used car doors, the workshop using wooden windows and old furniture and the main roof set from old oil barrels and used dry wall profiles.

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The OFFICINA ROMA radiates an atmosphere of urgency; a turning point. It talks about the essential necessity to question our lifestyle, based on individuality, completion (competition), growth and exploitation of natural resourses. Although situated in the very dynamic and exclusive garden of the MAXXI, the design speaks of deadlocks, interdependencies and the need for more fundamental and tougher negotiations over privileges in our future society.

Within the five month of the RE-cycle exhibition the OFFICINA ROMA will host a series of workshops and discussions on topics such as experimental building practices, alternative living concepts and recycling design.

See on www.raumlabor.net


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