Sustainable Market Square, 0518662 | Arquitectura Beta.

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Sustainable Market Square
Florent Chagny, Soufia Louzir, Thomas Sponti, Florian Chazeau
Concurso | (concurso) 2012 | (proyecto) 2012
Casablanca, Marruecos

Market and Casablanca. We began with a simple exercise, utilizing associative words, gathering inspirations and ideas we defined the project and its aim. Plenty of images come directly to the mind: colors, smells, people, twilight, getting lost, magical atmospheres, flying carpets… After much discussion, we decided to propose a “magic” cover, a transformative cap to the utilitarian every‐day market.

The first step was to design a pattern inspired by the Moroccan flag’s star, multiplied to create a “Moucharabieh” design, it is the genesis of all of the market’s elements. Visible on the polished grey concrete floor and materialized in the stainless steel joints, it is the drawings’ source of programmatic organization. The design, a structural network, levitates over the market utilizing a suspension system of twenty‐three colorful Helium balloons.

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A white translucent canvas sheet, our version of a flying carpet, moves with the balloons creating a versatile and phenomenological market atmosphere for the users below. Responding to the sustainable character of the market, the structural elements are used to collect, treat, and redistribute water. These structural high and low points are spread organically throughout the floor plan. After a coffee or news break in the central social area the market‐goers can shop. Each stall is oriented to the omnipresent star pattern. Each shopkeeper can sell his/her wares from wooden boards mounted to metal trestles, allowing for flexible setup and selling. This allows the space to be utilized for other programmatic functions after the market’s close.

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